Upcoming shows with The Softies in NYC and LA

I’m so excited to be opening for The Softies at their LA and NYC shows!
Check out the SHOWS page for details.

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My Christmas song “Merry Xmas*” is out now

I finally remembered to start recording my Christmas song early enough in the year so it would be ready to release in time for the holiday season. You could call it an anti-Christmas, or ambivalent, or Jewish Christmas song.

“Merry Xmas*” is available on bandcamp, spotify, apple music, and most other streaming platforms.

I asked Ben Varian to produce – I love his Riddle Rock EP among other works.

We recorded the basic tracks live in February with me on guitar, Nico Leibman from Harmony Index on bass, and Ben on drums.

Ben did a lot of the rest of the arrangements on his own, and we got together to finesse a few things, and I brought over my old toy xylophone for some overdubs. We visited Clinton Patterson who played trumpet, and I recorded my vocals and harmonies at home.

With Ben sporadically on tour, and me sporadically with a toddler cold preventing me from singing, the song wasn’t ready for mastering until early November, much later than I had hoped. I brought it to Stephen Kaye at SunKing Studios for that, and just caught Miles Wintner in time to do the artwork.

I guess I could have started recording in a previous year and been less rushed, but from a motivation standpoint, starting it in, say, the summer, and not releasing it during the upcoming holiday season was not appealing.

I wrote “Merry Xmas*” quickly around 7 years ago when Andrés Du Bouchet invited me to perform at a holiday-themed “Giant Tuesday Night of Amazing Inventions and also There is A Game” at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles. Here is a live recording of “Merry Xmas*” from that first performance.

This is my first music release in a few years and it felt like peeling off a band-aid, or breaking a seal, forcing myself to put it out there. I’m hoping this will help me let go and release my next album sooner than later which is in the works.

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Two Performances with Photographer Justine Kurland

I haven’t been performing much since having a baby, but recently got to perform at two Zoom events featuring photographer Justine Kurland.

  • May 6, 2020 “At Home with Justine Kurland” Aperture Fund
  • May 21, 2020 “Reimagining the Image: Justine Kurland” International Center of Photography

At both events, I played my song “Lily” (2009) which is about another close friend and Kurland collaborator, and shared experiences of being in some of her early “Girl Pictures.” Kurland also shared some new collage-based work that is so good, I wish I could link to it, but I don’t think it’s viewable anywhere online yet.

Here’s part of a Vanity Fair article about the ICP event (I’m in a few of the photos included in the article at the link):

“Some of the girls Kurland documented became artists in their own right. At a Zoom event on Wednesday to celebrate the new book, Rebecca Schiffman, one of the girls who is now grown up, performed a song dedicated to the memory of another girl Kurland photographed, Lily Wheelwright, who died in 2007 at the age of 24. In our interview, Kurland quoted a few lyrics from Schiffman’s song that resonated with her experience of Wheelwright as a magnetic girl. “It’s a really beautiful song, and the lyrics are something like ‘knowing you is living,’” she said.

During the event, Kurland and Schiffman discussed their memories about the road trips and close relationships that undergirded the Girl Pictures two decades ago. Kurland became genuinely close to her subjects, and Schiffman and Wheelwright even sublet Kurland’s apartment for some time while she was out on the road.

Kurland asked Schiffman why she went on all the road trips as a 17-year-old. “You have a way of getting people to go along with you,” she replied, and mentioned a more recent moment in their friendship when Kurland coaxed her into a spider-filled shed to take photographs.”

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Wayne Diamond from “Uncut Gems” was a Rebecca Schiffman Jewelry model

“Uncut Gems,” the newest Safdie Brothers film which stars Adam Sandler as a New York-based gem dealer with a gambling addiction, is my favorite movie from last year. I love the way it so perfectly captures the milieu of New York’s diamond district. I was especially excited to see that Wayne Diamond had a pretty significant part in the film, and am so happy at all the attention he’s gotten since the movie. I highly recommend his interview in Interview Magazine.

Wayne was actually the lookbook model for my jewelry line in 2012. Here are a few of the photos, taken by Jamie Diamond. And, another old connection – I was the musical guest on the first episode of the Safdie Brothers’ “Talk Show.”

Wayne Diamond Uncut Gems Rebecca Schiffman Jewelry Photo by Jamie Diamond
Wayne Diamond from Uncut Gems in Rebecca Schiffman Jewelry photo by Jamie Diamond
Wayne Diamond from Uncut Gems in Rebecca Schiffman Jewelry photo by Jamie Diamond
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Rebecca Schiffman Live on KSPC with Franklin Bruno

I’ll be playing a live set and chatting with Franklin Bruno (Nothing Painted Blue, The Mountain Goats) on KSPC in Pomona this week. I’ll also be selecting a few tunes.

When: January 9, 2020
Franklin’s show “The Manila Folder” is on from 10am – 12pm. I’ll be joining him at 11am for the second hour.

Where: KSPC or 88.7FM in the Inland Empire, California.

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Highland Park Bowl show

I just hopped on this bill last minute. Playing a short solo set tonight at Highland Park Bowl with The Francine Odysseys and D.A. Stern.

It’s my first show since having a baby. And, actually my last show before having a baby was also a bowling alley show – at All Star Lanes with Calvin Johnson. And another coincidence is that last night I actually bowled at the Spare Room in Hollywood for my friend Max’s birthday.

LA Indie Pop Party The Francine Odysseys D.A. Stern

Facebook Event

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“Every Moment Lasts Forever” single out now!

I just released a new song called “Every Moment Lasts Forever.” The title is a reference to the Tralfamadorian theory of time in Kurt Vonnegut’s “Slaughterhouse Five.” In the novel, a being from the planet Tralfamadore reveals that although humans perceive time linearly, every moment is actually always happening and it’s possible to jump around and revisit moments at will. I find this idea comforting when thinking about friends who have died. The lyrics are here.

Listen on Bandcamp, Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple, Amazon, etc.

Recorded in 2017 at Palamino Sound. Produced by John MF Anderson, engineered by Jason Soda, mastered by Manuel Jimenez at Arimaka. Musicians: Rebecca Schiffman, John MF Anderson, Matt Bogdanow. Design by Mike Krol.

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Show 4/24 in Eagle Rock with Calvin Johnson and Wished Bone

Calvin Johnson, Rebecca Schiffman, Wished Bone, at All Star Lanes

Playing with Calvin Johnson and Wished Bone at
All Star Lanes in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles.
4459 Eagle Rock Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041
Music starts at 8pm. Here’s the Facebook event page

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Show 4/15 in Pasadena w/Flying Fish Cove, Mo Dotti …

Flying Fish Cover, Mo Dotti, Women Tied to Railroad Tracks

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Upcoming show at The Echo with SASAMI

SASAMI and Rebecca Schiffman at The Echo Flyer

I’m playing a show with SASAMI and Slut Island at The Echo on January 4, 2019.
The show is free with RSVP at THIS LINK.


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Aquarium Drunkard picks “Song for a Writer”

I’m very pleased that Aquarium Drunkard included my most recent single “Song for a Writer” in their Fall 2018 Bandcamp picks! I love their quarterly “bandcamping” feature for discovering new music and also because Bandcamp is my favorite platform. Unlike iTunes or Spotify, artists can upload their music directly to Bandcamp without going through an intermediary company. I also like their simple layouts.

Anyway, check out “Song for a Writer” on Bandcamp and the other Aquarium Drunkard Bandcamping picks here! Aquarium Drunkard’s Bandcamp picks are compiled by music writer Tyler Wilcox who has a great blog called Doom and Gloom from the Tomb.

I recorded “Song for a Writer” with John MF Anderson (ex-GIRLS) at Palamino Sound in Los Angeles, along with one other song that I’ll be releasing in a few months.

Rebecca Schiffman Aquarium Drunkard Bandcamp

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A mellotron-infused slice of pop perfection

One of my favorite music writers, Tyler Wilcox, reviewed my new single “Song for a Writer” on his Doom and Gloom from the Tomb site. “A mellotron-infused slice of pop perfection” is a pretty cool pull-quote! Check out the rest of the review here.


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I wrote about two antique bookplates

I just finished a month-long internship at Cal State LA’s Special Archives and Collections where I collected and entered metadata for, and scanned a collection of late 19th and early 20th century designer bookplates – those things that say ex libris that people used to paste inside books they owned. I wrote about a bookplate the artist Mary Crete Crouch designed for herself, and a Masonic bookplate that bookplate collector Winward Prescott designed for himself.



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Song for a Writer out today everywhere!

My new single “Song for a Writer” is out today everywhere. It’s a two minute song I’ve been playing live for years and finally made a recording! It’s available for streaming or downloading at these sites:






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Touring the West Coast

I’m going on tour with my old friend Jack “Lesser” Lewis/Awkward Energy! Details are on the Rebecca Schiffman Shows page.

Toonces Tour Flyer

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My Paintings in a Bob’s Burgers Episode

In Scott’s new Bob’s Burgers episode, “As I Walk Through the Alley of the Shadow of Ramps,” there’s a scene in an art gallery where you can find some Rebecca Schiffman painting Easter eggs!

RebeccaSchiffman_ParkClash_BobsBurgers_Collage RebeccaSchiffman_Zizek_BobsBurgers_Collage RebeccaSchiffman_Baloney_BobsBurgers_Collage

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Mini-tour with Baths and No Joy

I’m opening four shows for Baths and No Joy in early May!
May 2 – The Crescent Ballroom – Phoenix, AZ – tickets
May 3 – Belly Up – Solana Beach, CA – tickets
May 4 – The El Rey – Los Angeles, CA – tickets
May 5 – The Independent – San Francisco  – tickets
Baths No Joy Rebecca Schiffman flyer


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Neko Case wears Rebecca Schiffman Jewelry in new music video and photos

Neko Case has a new album coming out in June and I’m very honored that she wore these chainmail cuffs and metal vest I made in her new photoshoot and music video!

Neko Case wearing chainmail cuffs by Rebecca Schiffman Jewelry

Neko Case photo by Emily Shur

Neko Case wears metal vest by Rebecca Schiffman Jewelry

Still from teaser for Neko Case’s new album “Hell-On.”


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Upcoming show with Gary Wilson, Jimmy Whispers, and James V in Los Angeles

Rebecca Schiffman, Gary Wilson, Jimmy Whispers, James V at Resident in Los Angeles

Buy tickets here.

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Upcoming show with Selector Dub Narcotic

I’m playing at Bridgetown DIY again in January, this time with Calvin Johnson’s Selector Dub Narcotic, Exploding Flowers, and Doll Klaw.

Saturday, January 27, 2018
Bridgetown DIY
1421 Valinda Ave, La Puente, CA 91744
7pm, All Ages
$10, no one turned away for lack of funds.

Dub Selector Narcotic, Rebecca Schiffman show at Bridgetown DIY

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Upcoming Los Angeles performance

This Saturday in Los Angeles: I’m performing at a night of readings and music hosted by Character Projects and Deenah Vollmer and Ginger Buswell in Highland Park. $5 suggested donation and all proceeds benefit Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights.

Flyer for Alias Readings at Character Projects

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New music video for “Laura”

I play Jerry Seinfeld in the new music video for my song “Laura.” The lyrics to the song follow the plot of the pilot episode of “Seinfeld” (also known as The Seinfeld Chronicles) sung from Jerry’s perspective. Alec Coiro directed the video. Raina Hamner guest stars as Laura. Alec also directed the “Tips for Conquering Fear of Flying” video.

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Album review from Stanford University’s KZSU

My album “Rebecca Schiffman” that came out last year has just recently found its way on to Stanford University’s radio station, spending two weeks in the Top Ten last month! This station review is meant for internal use for DJ’s, but I like the genres they put me in like “European baroque pop” and the mention of “observational comedy” so here it is.

“New Yorker Rebecca Schiffman’s self-titled third long play is produced by Money Mark. It’s a pleasant exercise in 21st century singer-songwriter quirkiness. Similar to Cate Le Bon, Schiffman has managed to construct a peculiar narrative built around elements of traditional folk music, observational comedy, and sophisticated pop music arrangements. I’m particularly a fan of the ridiculously ingenious lyrics. If we can break it into musical categories, the record is a mix of contemporary European baroque pop, 21st century American folk, and 1990s jazz-pop. Pop Neoyorkino con mucho sentido del humor.”
– reviewed by DJ Telepathic Juan

This review is online here



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Performing at Uncabaret with Yeardley Smith, Julie Goldman, Sam, Jay, Alec Mama and more.

I’m very excited to be performing alongside Yeardsley Smith, the voice of Lisa Simpson and who I also watched on Herman’s Head growing up!

Sunday, July 23, 2017
Uncabaret at Au Lac
710 West 1st Street, Downtown Los Angeles, CA 90012
There’s a parking garage with validation.
Doors 7:15pm, Show 8pm – 10pm



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Upcoming show with Emperor X and Christian Club

June 10, 2017, 7pm

Emperor X, Rebecca Schiffman, Christian Club, Ex-Tomboys, Tristan Puig, Bob and the Astronauts

at BridgetownDIY
1421 N Valinda Ave
La Puente, CA
7p • $5 – 7 • notaflof

Facebook event page

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My article on S.G. Pandit in the Lummis Day Magazine

I wrote an article about Sakharam Ganesh Pandit, a lawyer, orator, and professor based in Highland Park in the first half of the 20th century for “Out West,” the magazine for Lummis Day. It’s out now. You can find copies all around Northeast Los Angeles. If you would like a digital copy of the article leave a comment and I’ll send it to your e-mail address which only I can see.

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Show in LA 4/15 at the Hi-Hat

I’ll be playing a half-band show on Saturday, April 15.

The Hi-Hat (<— tickets)
5043 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90042

8:15pm Rebecca Schiffman
9pm Draag
9:45pm Hott MT
10:30pm James V

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Two Upcoming Los Angeles Shows

Sunday, Feburary 19, 2017
Alias Books on Sawtelle is closing. I’ll be performing a few songs, solo, at a farewell night with readings by Deenah Vollmer, Erin Mizrahi, Jennifer Croft, Ginger Buswell, John Searcy, Dani Fine, and music by Rebecca Schiffman and DANyDANY. Refreshments provided. Donations/tips will go to Planned Parenthood.
Facebook Event Page

Saturday, February 25, 2017
Full band show
Art in the Park in Hermon Park. With Secret Names, Charlyne Yi, and Shekhan.
Facebook Event Page

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Exodus: A Musical

I’ll be playing a few songs and introducing (and accompanying one song in) Exodus: A Musical, at three performances this weekend.  It’s a musical farce written by Alec Coiro, who directed the music video for my song “Tips for Conquering Fear of Flying.” Starring Erin Falls, Caitlin Rider, Alec Coiro, guest appearance by Rhys Coiro, music by Jay Israelson, Abigail Chapin, Rhys Coiro.

Friday, January 27, 2017
Moving Arts Theater
8pm Tickets
9pm Tickets

Saturday, January 28, 207
Sqirl (dinner theater)
7:45pm Tickets

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Schiffman + Schatz free Schow at Old Style Guitar Shop

Wednesday 1/18/2017

Old Style Guitar Shop
510 N Hoover St, Silver Lake, Los Angeles
8pm Rebecca Schiffman (solo)
9pm Adam Schatz (of the band Landlady)
Free! All Ages, BYOB

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First review of the album!

Tyler Wilcox wrote a great review of the new album for Doom & Gloom From The Tomb.

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Vinyl out now!

The vinyl version of my new LP is now available! You can order it online from Fayettenam Records or pick up a copy in Los Angeles or New York at the following stores. Lyrics are printed on the inner sleeve.


Rough Trade – Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
Gnarburger Records – Cypress Park, Los Angeles, CA
Permanent Records – Highland Park, Los Angeles, CA
Mono Records – Silver Lake, Los Angeles, CA
Mount Analog – Highland Park, Los Angeles, CA
Amoeba Records – Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
Burger Records – Fullerton, Orange County, CA
Sound Spectrum – Laguna Beach, Orange County, CA


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Merry Christmas with an Asterisk

I wrote a Christmas song: “Merry Christmas with an Asterisk.” This is a live recording from 12/15/2016 at Ham and Eggs Tavern, please forgive the audio quality.

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December 15, 2016 at Ham and Eggs Tavern. Photo by Chris Lepe.

December 15, 2016 at Ham and Eggs Tavern. Photo by Chris Lepe.

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Sunday comedy/music fundraiser holiday party

Playing a few songs at a fundraiser for Los Angeles Downtown Women’s Center, organized by the O’Shea brothers. The event is free but there will be tons of raffle prizes, and raffle ticket sales benefit DWC. Featuring performances by Laurie Kilmartin, Emily Heller, Will Weldon, Andrés du Bouchet, Kevin Camia, Kate Willet, Rebecca Schiffman, the Blood Sugar Xmas Magik Band (members of Terry Malts, Lemonade, Nite Jewel)

12/18 at Little Joy in Echo Park, Los Angeles, 8pm


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Dec 15 show in Los Angeles

I’m playing with my band at this show.


Get more details on the Facebook event page.
James V on soundcloud.

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Dec 13 at Meltdown Comics

I’ll be playing a couple of songs at Andre du Bouchet‘s Giant Tuesday Night of Amazing Inventions and Also There is a Game’s 15th Annual Holiday Special. Tickets available here.

With special guests Dana Gould, Dan Cronin (another CONAN writer/performer), Brandon Wardell, Ed Salazar and singer Rebecca Schiffman! Produced by Adam Spiegelman.”


Tuesday, December 13, 2016
Nerdmelt Showroom at Meltdown Comics
7522 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90046
Doors 8:45, starts at 9pm
21+ or all ages with parent or guardian.
$10 tickets here.

From the holdmyticket website:

Francisco Guglioni (CONAN writer/performer Andres du Bouchet) is a fictional character, and he knows it. Armed with nothing more than a vague “sketch comedy accent”, and the most minimal of backstories, he has been entertaining crowds here in the states for 15 years with his extravaganza ‘Giant Tuesday Night of Amazing Inventions and Also There is a Game’, a rollicking variety show that is exactly what it sounds like. Now, along with his trusty fictional keyboardist, manager and parrot wrangler Hank Mayonnaise (Adam Felber from Real Time with Bill Maher and NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me), Francisco brings his absurdist show to NerdMelt for a rollicking fun holiday-themed time.

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New music video!

Walking to the Subway – Directed by Scott Jacobson

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The Smell with Jeffrey Lewis

I’m opening for Jeffrey Lewis!


Sunday, November 27
The Smell – downtown Los Angeles – 247 S Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90012
$10 (tickets here), All Ages
8:30pm Doors
9pm Rebecca Schiffman
10pm Black Yaya
11pm Jeffrey Lewis

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Show with Waxahatchee, Swanning, at Junior High in LA

I’m playing a show this Sunday, November 13, with Waxahatchee and Swanning at the community art space Junior High in Hollywood. 5656 hollywood blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

$5 Tickets:

Facebook event:

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The Tell


Here’s a pic Michael Leviton took of me playing at The Tell at National Sawdust. I also told a story. The whole program, which includes stories from Michael Leviton, Danielle Aykroyd, Rich Benjamin, and Ari Frey, will eventually be released as a podcast.


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Upcoming: The Tell, Vol 12. at National Sawdust, Brooklyn

I will be playing songs and telling a story at volume 12 of The Tell, a night/podcast of music and storytelling curated by Michael Leviton at National Sawdust in Brooklyn, NY.


8pm (Doors 7:30pm)
Tickets $15 – available here.
with Michael Leviton, Rich, Benjamin, Danielle Aykryod, and Avi Frey.

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Interview on CITR’s A Face for Radio


A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Erik Coates for his show “A Face for Radio” on CITR, University of Vancouver’s radio station. We had so much to talk about that it ended up spanning two episodes! You can hear us talk about songwriting and other stuff and hear some of my songs and music picks at the links below.

Download Part 1
Download Part 2

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Show on Tuesday in LA


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KCRW Pick of the Month

KCRW DJ Marion Hodges includes “Rebecca Schiffman” in her best album of the month picks.


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New album out today!


It’s official, my third LP (which happens to be called “Rebecca Schiffman”)  is available today!

It’s streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

You can show extra support by pre-ordering the vinyl
which comes with MP3s at Fayettenam Records
or purchase the digital album at one of the sites below.


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My Squidbillies Theme Cover

My cover of the Squidbillies theme song is now up on youtube along with a behind-the-scenes video of finishing the recording. The episode airs this Sunday at 11:30pm on Adult Swim/Cartoon Network.

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Hear two songs from my upcoming album

My new self-titled album comes out Friday, but you can hear two songs on Bandcamp and pre-order on Bandcamp or iTunes.

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Show in Los Angeles with Miranda Lee Richards and Tarnation

SMiLE! presents a show at the Alchemy Castle in Hollywood Hills.
RSVP to herrneilson at gmail dot com for address. Facebook event here.


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New Video!

You can see me ride a flying tiger over Manhattan in the new music video for my song “Tips for Conquering Fear of Flying” directed by Alec Coiro. And, hear Nels Cline‘s awesome guitar solo!

(or watch on youtube HERE for bigger size)

This song is about my very real and intense fear of flying and the chorus is something I say to myself when I’m on a plane. If you’re afraid of flying too, I hope it can help. Also, it’s not a metaphor, like about “flying” and meeting your potential, it is most definitely about flying on airplanes.

It’s from my upcoming self-titled album which was produced by Money Mark(!!!!) and comes out everywhere online August 12 and on vinyl in late September on Fayettenam Records. But, you can pre-order it today on Bandcamp and get instant access to this song and one other.

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Little Joy show with Business of Dreams in LA

I’m playing this Tuesday, accompanied by John MF Anderson on guitar.


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I recorded a theme for Squidbillies!


I’m very proud to have contributed a version of the theme song for the new season of Squidbillies! That’s what I was working on in the previous post with Money Mark and RC. Other theme song artists this season include Sharon Van Etten, The B52’s, Father John Misty, and Kurt Vile.


Will post the song when it’s out!

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Back in the studio

Last week at Brushfire Records with Money Mark and Robert Carranza, working on a special project coming soon.

with Money Mark and Robert Carranza.


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Coachella Week 2 – Grimes in more Rebecca Schiffman Jewelry

INDIO, CA - APRIL 23:  Singer Grimes performs onstage wearing Rebecca Schiffman Jewelry during day 2 of the 2016 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival Weekend 2 at the Empire Polo Club on April 23, 2016 in Indio, California.  (Photo by Matt Cowan/Getty Images for Coachella)

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GRIMES wearing Rebecca Schiffman Jewelry at COACHELLA

Grimes performed in a new custom Rebecca Schiffman Jewelry black-and-white chainmail glovelet. This is really thrilling for me – I can’t imagine a more perfect destination for this design. Grimes’s set was styled by Turner.


pic by Fernando Schlaepfer

pic by Brandon Perlman

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Pics from GnarBurger Show

A couple pics taken by Chris Lepe at the April 1 show at GnarBurger Records.

Rebecca Schiffman at Gnarburger Recordswith John MF Anderson playing guitar.

RebeccaSchiffman_EG_MB_Gnarburger_ChrisLepe_webwith Ethan Glazer on bass, Matt Bogdanow on drums.

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GRIMES wearing Rebecca Schiffman Jewelry in NYLON

GRIMES wearing Rebecca Schiffman Jewelry chainmail cuffs in the new issue of NYLON. Styled by Turner.

Long Cuff in Aluminum/Black:RSJ_Grimes_Nylon2_web

Sunrise Cuff:

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New Record in the Works

I’ve been busy recording my new album with Money Mark producing. We’re just about done tracking. Hopefully 2016 release…


Pic by Charlotte Kidd

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Robyn Hitchcock Tribute Show


I’ll be playing tomorrow at this Robyn Hitchcock tribute show on the West Side of Los Angeles.

September 2, 2014
8pm – Midnight (I play at 9:30pm)

Brennan’s Pub
4089 Lincoln, Blvd
Marina Del Ray, CA 90292

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Desert Nights


Thank you everyone who came to Desert Nights at the Cactus Lounge in the Standard Hotel on Wednesday. It was my first of hopefully many more shows with Ethan Glazer on bass.
Thank you Larisa for the pic.

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Upcoming Performance in LA: Desert Nights at the Standard Hotel

I’ll be playing a set on August 6th at the Standard Hotel in Los Angeles. Ethan Glazer will accompany me on bass and vocals.


Wednesday August 6, 2014
Desert Nights hosted by DJ Valida
The Standard – Cactus Lounge – 8300 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood
7:30pm Zach Smith
8:30pm Rebecca Schiffman
9:30pm Skin & Bones

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Last Brucennial Install Pics

Here are two install shots of my piece in the Last Brucennial that my brother took for me.

RebeccaSchiffman_LastBrucennial1 Read More »

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The Last Brucennial

I made a triptych called “Woodies #2” which will be on view in the historic LAST BRUCENNIAL exhibition opening tonight.


Opening: March 6, 6pm – 10pm
On view: March 7 – April 4
837 Washington Street, Manhattan, NYC

Some links:


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LOVE SONGS Benefit for Leave Out Violence.

Tomorrow night in Los Angeles I will be performing a few songs at a fundraiser for Leave Out Violence at Fonogenic Studios. Tickets are $50 and can be purchased here.


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RUNT PARTY: Jewelry inspired by pets

I just launched a new Kickstarter project called RUNT PARTY.


It’s a collection of necklaces and keychains inspired by our three pets. They are all available as backer rewards for $25 and under and I am also making a very limited number of Rebecca Schiffman Jewelry pieces available for backers at a great discount.

Please check out the project on Kickstarter for the full story:

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Capsule Vegas Recap

This summer Rebecca Schiffman Jewelry exhibited at the CAPSULE Las Vegas tradeshow, hosted by The Venetian. Here are some pics.




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Me and my new guitar have a cameo in Eleanor Friedberger’s new video

Scott Jacobson directed this music video for Eleanor Friedberger‘s song “Stare at the Sun” from her upcoming album “Personal Record” out in June on Merge Records. I play my new/old Frankenstein-ed vintage Japanese guitar from Old Style in the video band. We got to wear Vena Cava’s new line Viva Vena. Also, if you like sheep dogs this video has two.



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Show at Satellite in Silverlake with Chief coming up on Tuesday, April 15

I’m opening for my old friends CHIEF at The Satellite as part of their April residency!

Details are on the SHOWS page.

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Besant Lodge show

Here are some pics from the beautiful Besant Lodge in Los Angeles where I performed this past Thursday with John Keith and C.C. Carana.

photo of me by Sarah Masslon

C.C. Carana and John Dylan Keith

John Dylan Keith

C.C. Carana

The Audience

Sound Guy, Bryan

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some LA show pics

Photo by Gary Ho

Photo by Gavril Lourie

Photo by Shanee Pink

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First LA show, and I moved to LA

I moved to LA last week.

I will be playing my first OFFICIAL LA show

February 2, 2013
Hotel Cafe
1623 1/2 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028
$5, 21+
Doors 6:30pm
Rebecca Schiffman 7pm

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UES Jewelry Collection available at BLUE TREE on the UES!

Blue Tree, the two-story boutique owned by Phoebe Cates on Madison Avenue between 91st Street and 92nd Street has been one of my favorite local spots for years so I’m very excited that they are now carrying pieces from my Upper East Side Jewelry Collection.  Please stop by and check it out!

Also, fun fact: Phoebe Cates’s husband the academy award winning actor Kevin Kline does the voice for Mr. Fishoeder on the TV show Bob’s Burgers.

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RS Jewelry now available at Fair Folks Cafe in NYC

Select pieces from Rebecca Schiffman Jewelry’s Upper East Side Collection are now available at the new Fair Folks Cafe in NYC.

Learn about this unique coffee/design shop on the New York Times website.

Me with Aurora and Anthony, founders of Fair Folks and a Goat.


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Ben Toth on Bachelor Pad


Composer, arranger, and vocal coach Ben Toth was a guest on last weeks episode #307 of Bachelor Pad. Here he is attempting to teach a tone deaf contestant to sing Night Ranger’s Sister Christian. He is wearing the Flower Escutcheon Necklace from Rebecca Schiffman jewelry’s Upper East Side Collection.

Also, here is a blog post I really like from Ben on Huffington Post.

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A little shout out in AP

Thanks to Walter Schreifels for the shout out in last month’s Alternative Press Magazine!
Too bad we never finished the Pearl Harbor album. Here are some pics of Pearl Harbor in action.

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Julia met the President and the First Lady

That conversation may or may not have taken place, but the enchanting Julia Nasser definitely did meet the President and First Lady!

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Alex Karpovsky’s Red Flag

RED FLAG, a film directed by Alex Karpovsky just premiered at the LA Film Festival.  Teddy Blanks scored the entire movie and I am proud to say I sang on one song.

Listen or download for free:
(Wavin’ Like A) Red Flag by Teddy Blanks (feat. Rebecca Schiffman)

And here’s a review of Red Flag, the movie on IndieWire.

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Profile in Carnegie Hill News

I’m very excited to finally be featured in Carnegie Hill News, the neighborhood newsletter put out by Carnegie Hill Neighbors. I’ve been reading it for years and now my time has come!

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Living Room Show in Los Angeles

Last weekend I performed at a home in Atwater Village, Los Angeles.  Scott Jacobson posted video of it HERE.  The third song “Song for a Writer” is pretty new, not officially recorded yet.

Photo by Mia Lipton

(That is a paused episode of Bob’s Burgers on the TV)


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New Post!

Yeesh, it’s been awhile.  This post is just to announce that I am about to write a real new post!



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Success on Kickstarter!

I am very happy and relieved to report that my Kickstarter project to expand my Upper East Side Jewelry Collection was successful, raising 134% of my $5,000 goal!

I am very grateful to my friends, family and the Kickstarter backers whom I did not know, who enabled the project’s success.

Thanks to them I am now busy designing and preparing to order professional custom Rebecca Schiffman Jewelry packaging and business cards, ordering some much needed tools, and preparing their rewards to send to them.

If you missed the Kickstarter deadline, pieces are now available for order on my new online store!


More soon…

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Jewelry Exhibition in San Francisco


Hannah Keefe, Julia Heineccius, Christine Shin, Meghan Patrice Riley, Rebecca Deans, Cynthia Rohrer, Rebecca Schiffman

November 10-21, 2011
Opening Reception: Thursday, November 10th 6-9pm
@ Monday Spaces, 2441 Balboa Street, San Francisco, CA 94121
between 25th and 26th avenues

MAG (Metal Arts Guild) together with Monday Spaces are proud to present Conspicuous, an intimate exhibition that speaks to jewelry and how we can put it on view in our personal settings. This exhibition was a national call juried by Sienna Patti (Sienna Gallery, Lenox, MA) and local design team Joseph Ferriso and Jonathan Anzalone of Anzfer Farms. Conspicuous is a collaborative exhibition with Anzfer Farms who will respond to the featured jewelry by creating interactive, custom displays for showcasing the work in a personal setting, with an interest in exploring these objects as a visual experience, and the role played when they are taken out of a functional context.”

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Rebecca Schiffman Jewelry on Kickstarter – The Upper East Side Collection

Big News! I have a new collection of jewelry based on UPPER EAST SIDE architectural ornament and now all of my jewelry is at my NEW WEBSITE.  www.rebeccaschiffmanjewelry.com

Also, I’ve just launched a KICKSTARTER page to get this new jewelry collection off the ground.  Please check out my Kickstarter video and consider supporting by pre-ordering a piece of jewelry or one of the other backer rewards!

Rebecca Schiffman Jewelry on KICKSTARTER


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A Social Experiment – group show in Watermill, NY this weekend.

Artists choose Artists: A Social Experiment

organized by Charlotte Kidd and James Salomon

Old Stone Boys Club – 938 Montauk Highway, Water Mill
Friday 19 August – Sunday 21 August 2011, open 11am – 8pm

Reception for the artists: Friday 19 August, 6 – 8pm
(This exhibition runs for one weekend only)

Directions:  >>  www.osbch.com <<

A Social Experiment will present the work of six New York artists
alongside one artist of their choosing:

Hunter Barnes with Rebecca Schiffman
Jamie Diamond with Jeff Fichera
Joey Frank with Dustin Yellin
John Gordon Gauld with Rosalie Stone Morris
Nir Hod with Christina Kruse
Wilmot Kidd with Jesse Langille
Jane Moseley with Paige Mead

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IMK Jewelry in LA Pop-Up Store- opening today! (8/6-8/26)

IMK Jewelry will be available at Arts & Leisure, a pop-up store in Los Angeles (Aug 6- 28) featuring all New York designers, curated by Erin Krause and Chrissie Miller.

Arts & Leisure, August 6 through 28, at Space 15 Twenty, 1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd., L.A

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IMK Jewelry in Plum Hamptons Magazine

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Mixed Tapes Episode

Mixed Tapes: Rebecca Schiffman from Michael Melamedoff on Vimeo.

This is an episode of MIXED TAPES by Michael Melamedoff who I can say from working with him is a very genuine and serious filmmaker.

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Wolf Who Cried Boy remix of Passing Fantasy

Peter Toh/Wolf Who Cried Boy

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Taylor Schilling in IMK in Nylon!

Check out the gorgeous Taylor Schilling, who is starring opposite Zac Efron in the upcoming movie “The Lucky One,” wearing two IMK Jewelry cuffs in the May issue of Nylon.
Styled by
Turner and Erica.

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I Got a Really Cool Book: Yves Saint Laurent Dialog with Art

Today I got a REALLY COOL book!!!!!

This book is the catalog for the 2004 exhibtition”Yves Saint Laurent dialogue avec l’Art” at Fondation Pierre Bergé that chronicled YSL’s “dialogs” with art, beginning in 1965 with a collection of dresses based on Piet Mondrian’s compositions.

I had not known that YSL went on to design pieces inspired by Picasso, Matisse, Braque, Bonnard (one of my all-time favs), Léger, and Van Gogh as well as Pop Art and African Art in general.

From a NYTimes article at the time:  “But I never compared myself with these artists — that would be pretentious,” said Saint Laurent. “I just tried to be an artist in my own métier.”

Rebecca Schiffman with YSL Book and Mondrian Cuff

Happy with my book and wearing my own Mondrian Cuff.

I got the book at Mast Books on Avenue A and 5th St NYC.

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Jasper Van Der Hurd Art and Design Collective

I donated this bracelet to the silent auction:

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NEW IMK PICS: Raina Hamner shot by Kava Gorna

Click here to check out all the pics: IMK Jewelry

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IMK Jewelry now at Henri Bendel!

IMK Jewelry is now available at Henri Bendel.  It’s on display in the lobby and looks great!  They are carrying three cuff styles.

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IMK Jewelry in the new Jalouse Magazine, April 2011

See the IMK Button Bangle in these pics by Matthew Frost, styled by Jennifer Eymere.  Buy them here.

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Me and Prince

So, I went to see Prince at MSG with my friend Jamie a few months ago.
A few things of note happened.
During one song, we saw a couple a few rows in front of us, the man was singing along to the lyrics to his woman. While lip synching he got down on one knee and opened a ring box. Apparently she said yes, because then they were jumping up and down hugging and kissing and we were all clapping.

The most significant thing: I rarely wear high heels, I never learned how to walk in them well, but I once found a pair I love at ARCHE, where my mom and European women buy their shoes. A pair of purple nubuck booties with mirrored wedges. So, I was wearing flats at MSG on this night, but someone else was wearing these very same booties. Prince! I am 99% sure that he was wearing the same ones, and he had a much easier time princing around in them. We both have them in purple, naturally.


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One Second Cameo in New Music Video by The National

I have a one second cameo in The National’s new music video for the song “Conversation 16” directed by Scott Jacobson, who is also a writer for the new show Bob’s Burgers!

This has prompted me to add a music video cameo section to this website.

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IMK Jewelry in Nylon Mag, March 2011!

Styled by Turner & Erica

Shop for the looks here!

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Four Windows by Ry Russo-Young for DKNY Intimates

So, I’m in a web-commercial for DKNY Intimates.  Ry Russo-Young shot me and three other young women in their apartments.  Here I am climbing the water tower on my roof. It was scary, in very high heels.  In the fourth video still I am playing guitar in my living room but “they”,”dressed” it with their own blankets and put all my parents’ cook books which were neatly shelved in stacks on the ground so it might as well be someone else’s apartment.  Oh well.  I am wearing all jewelry I made, and my song “Untitled” is the soundtrack.

Watch the video at Refinery29.

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Hi, from the Galapagos Islands!

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TAR Magazine Shoot

The fall 2010 issue of TAR Magazine is out now.

Recently, I got to reunite with the main cast of Guild & Greyshkul Gallery (if it had been an office sitcom which ran for five years) to make this fashion photo shoot happen.  This spread features six rather mysterious photos but so much work and fun and work that I can’t describe went into them behind the scenes.  And I was only there for a portion of the work and fun.

Sara Vanderbeek took the photos.  Johannes Vanderbeek made the masks.  Anya Kielar did the hair, makeup, body paint, and plaster cast (on me! I was the model) and all three of them built the sets.  And, Esme Watanabe produced the shoot and assisted in styling.

Here are the two pics which feature pieces I made for my line IMK Jewelry.  The IMK Circle Vest goes really well with the Lake & Stars bustier if I do say so myself!

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