Recording Upside Down Lacrimosa

The Making of Upside Down Lacrimosa – 2000

Rebecca Schiffman and Andy Action

Rebecca Schiffman, Andy Action, and half of Charles Scott at Peligro Audio, 2000.

Charles Scott

Charles Scott.

Walter Schreifels playing drums

Walter Schreifels playing drums at Peligro Audio, 2000.

Rebecca Schiffman and Walter Schreifels recording

Pre-production with Walter Schreifels.

Andy's J.R.R. Tolkien Tattoo

Andy Action’s J.R.R. Tolkien Tattoo.

Tape Machine

We recorded vocals and drums to 2 inch tape.

Rebecca Schiffman recording

Walter Schreifels with Pod

Rebecca Schiffman and guitar
Rebecca Schiffman on couch
Rebecca Schiffman and Walter Schreifels
Mike Skinner

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