Rebecca Schiffman “Rebecca Schiffman” LP

Digital Release Date: August 12, 2016
Vinyl Release Date: TBA 2016


Recorded 2015 in Los Angeles, CA
Produced by Money Mark
Engineered by Money Mark and Jeff Kolhede
Mixed by Eric Brouciek
Mastered by Manuel Jimenez at Arimaka
Musicians: Rebecca Schiffman, Money Mark, Jay Israelson, Nels Cline, Ethan Glazer, Clinton Patterson, Angelo Hatgistavrou, Justin Sullivan, Mike Bloom, Max Bernstein.
Cover photo by Raina Hamner, Design by CHIPS.
Track Listing:
1. Nico
2. Walking to the Subway
3. Childhood Bedroom Claustrophobia
4. Laura
5. Tips for Conquering Fear of Flying
6. Time for Your Renaissance
7. Little Ronnie
8. Long Weekend
9. I’m Only You (By Robyn Hitchcock)

Rebecca Schiffman “To be Good for a Day” LP

Digital and CD Release Date: January 28, 2009

Recorded 2008 in DUMBO, NY
Produced by Rebecca Schiffman and Mike Musmanno
Engineered and Mixed by Mike Musmanno
Mastered by Peter Toh
Musicians: Rebecca Schiffman, Mike Musmanno, Jay Israelson, Tony Leoni, Don Piper, Alex Walker, Reka Reisinger, Matt Morandi, Ryan Stratton, and Conrad.
Artwork by Benjamin Degen
Track Listing:
1. I Have Really Loved You
2. Aaron
3. The Rabbit Habit
4. Untitled
5. Angelo
6. Nick’s Song
7. Lily
8. Song to You (D&D Song)
9. It Was You
10. Ages

Rebecca Schiffman “Upside Down Lacrimosa” LP

Released: 2003, Some Records
Recorded: 2001-2002
Produced by Walter Schreifels, Recorded by Andy Action and Chuck Scott
Artwork by Jordan Rosenblum
Track Listing:
1. Total Recall
2. Penguins and Igloos
3. Warning to a Talented Violinist
4. The Long Ride Home
5. Fireflies
6. Lacrimosa
7. The Weight of Your Sleep
8. Burn Down the School
9. The End of the Ghost
10. Upside Down Lacrimosa
11. Happy Hunting
12. Beating Blue
13. The Desert
14. Lullabye

Rebecca Schiffman – “Passing Fantasy” digital single

Digital Release Date: October 18, 2010


Produced by Jay Israelson

Rebecca Schiffman – “Me and Katie on the U.E.S.” digital single

Me and Katie on The U.E.S. - Rebecca Schiffman
Released October 18, 2009
Recorded in 2006 at Clive Davis School of Recording
Jay Israelson: producer, mixer
Ryan Stratton: bass and guitar
Kris King: drums
Luke Taylor and Calpin Hoffman: engineers
Rebecca Schiffman: vocals, music and lyrics

Other Appearances

My song “Aaron” is in the soundtrack to Lena Dunham’s movie “Tiny Furniture” and I sing harmonies on Teddy Blanks’s “When U Come Home” which plays during the end credits.

I sing harmonies on Teddy Blanks’s “Red Flag” on the soundtrack for Alex Karpovsky’s movie “Red Flag.”


I sing on Jay Israelson’s “Love Montage (Theme for a Relationship in Four Days)” on the soundtrack to Peter Glanz’s short film “A Relationship in Four Days” and his feature film “The Longest Week.”


I sing on the song November on Jack Lewis & The Cutoffs – L’vov goes to emandee w/my unicef box
Jack Lewis album


The Green Owl Comp – A Benefit for Energy Action

Supermarché, directed a video for my song Penguins and Igloos for the DVD section of the compilation.
Also, features tracks from Feist, Muse, Of Montreal, Bloc Party, Deerhoof, Pete York, Juliana Hatfield, Violens.

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