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New Post!

Yeesh, it’s been awhile.  This post is just to announce that I am about to write a real new post! xo, Rebs

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I Got a Really Cool Book: Yves Saint Laurent Dialog with Art

Today I got a REALLY COOL book!!!!!

This book is the catalog for the 2004 exhibtition”Yves Saint Laurent dialogue avec l’Art” at Fondation Pierre Bergé that chronicled YSL’s “dialogs” with art, beginning in 1965 with a collection of dresses based on Piet Mondrian’s compositions.

I had not known that YSL went on to design pieces inspired by Picasso, Matisse, Braque, Bonnard (one of my all-time favs), Léger, and Van Gogh as well as Pop Art and African Art in general.

From a NYTimes article at the time:  “But I never compared myself with these artists — that would be pretentious,” said Saint Laurent. “I just tried to be an artist in my own métier.”

Rebecca Schiffman with YSL Book and Mondrian Cuff

Happy with my book and wearing my own Mondrian Cuff.

I got the book at Mast Books on Avenue A and 5th St NYC.

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Jasper Van Der Hurd Art and Design Collective

I donated this bracelet to the silent auction:

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Me and Prince

So, I went to see Prince at MSG with my friend Jamie a few months ago.
A few things of note happened.
During one song, I saw a couple a few rows in front of us, the man was singing along to the lyrics to his woman. While lip synching he got down on one knee and opened a ring box. Apparently she said yes, because then they were jumping up and down hugging and kissing and we were all clapping.

The most significant thing: I rarely wear high heels, I never learned how to walk in them well, but I once found a pair I love at ARCHE, where my mom and European women buy their shoes. A pair of purple nubuck booties with mirrored wedges. So, I was wearing flats at MSG on this night, but someone else was wearing these very same booties. Prince! I am 99% sure that he was wearing the same ones, and he had a much easier time princing around in them. We both have them in purple, naturally.


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Hi, from the Galapagos Islands!

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WWBBD? And, Hal David

What would Burt Bacharach Do?  I wish I knew while looking for this next chord.

Also, this is what

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My Favorite Song

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Lipstick Results

The lipstick poll is tied at 44-44! Thank you to everyone who came out to vote. Honestly, when I left for the concert yesterday Red was up by one point, but since Blue had some serious support and was the more exciting option I went for it. It was more of an opinion poll or […]

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Click on the pics to enlarge. [poll id=”2″] For anyone who is curious, the lipsticks are: Red- Shu Uemura RD128 Blue- Shu Umerura BL040 with Shu Uemura Me Blue Drawing Pencil

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LA, Las Vegas, and Palm Springs

I’ve just posted pics from my recent trip to LA, Las Vegas, and Palm Springs.  Here I am with Steven Segal’s longjohns from the movie On Deadly Ground at the Planet Hollywood Hotel in Las Vegas.  More pics…

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Fashion Party

Check out my acting debut in the movie, Fashion Party, a musical farce written and directed by Alec Coiro.  Go to the website for the trailer and to RSVP for the premiere.

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Sorry, no midget fondling here.

Did you know that I can see what search terms people enter to find this website? Lately there have been several “midget fondling” queries! The words “midget” and “fondling” occur separately in captions on the Halloween pics page. I will be playing at Lit on Nov 12. Details TBA.

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Today is my 26th Birthday

Other people born on April 9: Jean Paul Belmondo, Dennis Quaid, Hugh Hefner, Paul Robeson, Cynthia Nixon, J. William Fulbright, Charles Baudelaire

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I am on the cover of and inside this month’s Vice Magazine. I am on the right and Lily is on the left. Lily passed away a week after they interviewed us for the article and it was too late to add or change anything but there will be a special tribute to her in […]

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Bizarro Rebecca Schiffman

Yesterday night, for the first time, I met my pen pal of two years, Rebecca Schiffman – from Nashville! She is 23 and, just as my father is a Rabbi, I believe her father is a Baptist minister. Just so you know, if you google me and you see that a Rebecca Schiffman worked on […]

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Happy New Year. I am working at a law firm for two more weeks doing really boring work that in theory a robot could do. No shows coming up.

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