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Alex Karpovsky’s Red Flag

RED FLAG, a film directed by Alex Karpovsky just premiered at the LA Film Festival.  Teddy Blanks scored the entire movie and I am proud to say I sang on one song.

Listen or download for free:
(Wavin’ Like A) Red Flag by Teddy Blanks (feat. Rebecca Schiffman)

And here’s a review of Red Flag, the movie on IndieWire.

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Tiny Furniture Soundtrack

Tiny Furniture, Lena Dunham’s second feature film, just won Best Picture at the SXSW Film Festival!!!

The Tiny Furniture soundtrack features an original score by Teddy Blanks, my song Aaron, a duet I sing with Teddy called When U Come Home which he wrote especially for the movie, and songs by Domino and Sonia’s Party & The Everyone’s Invited!

You can download the entire soundtrack for FREE!
Download Soundtrack

Lena Dunham Finds her Worth in Tiny Furniture [New York Times]

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My Favorite Song

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Two of my oldies are soundtracks in short internet videos. Yesterday GOOD Magazine guest-curated YouTube’s homepage and used my song Penguins and Igloos from Upside Down Lacrimosa throughout their intro. You can watch the video here. Elena Stratigos used The Desert in a film school project. Watch here.

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