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One Second Cameo in New Music Video by The National

I have a one second cameo in The National’s new music video for the song “Conversation 16” directed by Scott Jacobson, who is also a writer for the new show Bob’s Burgers!

This has prompted me to add a music video cameo section to this website.

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Four Windows by Ry Russo-Young for DKNY Intimates

So, I’m in a web-commercial for DKNY Intimates.  Ry Russo-Young shot me and three other young women in their apartments.  Here I am climbing the water tower on my roof. It was scary, in very high heels.  In the fourth video still I am playing guitar in my living room but “they”,”dressed” it with their own blankets and put all my parents’ cook books which were neatly shelved in stacks on the ground so it might as well be someone else’s apartment.  Oh well.  I am wearing all jewelry I made, and my song “Untitled” is the soundtrack.

Watch the video at Refinery29.

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Me in Harper’s Bazaar, Japan – October 2010

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Music Video Cameos

I recently had two little cameos in friends’ music videos. Stayin’ Alive Remix – Directed by Matthew Frost Rory Guinness – Sportscar

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Good Review at The Guggenheim…

Last week I took part in a collaborative art installation/performance by the artist Dominique Gonzalez Foerster and the composer Ari Benjamin Meyer at The Solomon R. Guggenheim. Nicolas Ghesquière of Balenciaga custom-made our dresses and I had to take mine off on-stage. Being part of the rehearsals and watching the final pieces of this work […]

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Me in Jalouse, My Leg Required a Touchup

I am in the current issue of the french magazine Jalouse (Avril 2008). Article by Lolita Pille. Photograph by Matthew Frost. Click below to enlarge. Scroll down for a better look at my leg. Note the difference in my calf… (Left: Before, Right: After)

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