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My Interview with Dustin Yellin

Here is a video interview I did with artist, Dustin Yellin, for ArtObserved.  His show ‘Dust in The Brain Attic’ opens tomorrow at Robert Miller Gallery, New York, and if you are in New York it is not to be missed! (April 23, 2009, 6pm – 8pm, 524 West 26th Street, New York, NY)

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I Release My Official Response to George Gurley’s New York Observer Article About Me from My Loftbed Headquarters

Today’s issue of The New York Observer ran an article about me by George Gurley titled “Who’s That Girl? It’s Rebecca Schiffman!” Maybe I’ve been out of school too long because lately I’ve had the urge to write letters to Harper’s Magazine responding to various articles. Once I begin the effort, however, I quickly become […]

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This morning I was interviewed by Nicolas Vidal on his show Petit compagnie on ALIGRE FM 93.1 in Paris. The interview was sort of in French and English and Nicolas translated my English answers into French. He is a songwriter too and I love his songs – click on his name to go to his […]

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I am on the cover of and inside this month’s Vice Magazine. I am on the right and Lily is on the left. Lily passed away a week after they interviewed us for the article and it was too late to add or change anything but there will be a special tribute to her in […]

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