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Inspiration: Françoise Hardy

Paco Rabanne‘s iconic linked dresses are (obviously) a big inspiration for me, so I was extremely pleasantly surprised when I only recently discovered that singer-songwriter Françoise Hardy was featured on the cover of Rabanne’s biography, and was a huge fan of his.

Françoise Hardy was my first, and for a long time, only female influence as a singer-songwriter. I admired her unaffected charmp and aspired to her beautiful music and lyrics. So now, having exhaustively google-image-searched her, I am in awe of her personal fashion style throughout her entire career!

Here are a ton of pictures!

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Jewelry Collection

As many of my friends know, I have been making chainmaille jewelry for several years.  I have finally launched a jewelry line called IMK (after the Ill-Made Knight from T.H. White’s The Once and Future King). Please visit the website to view the collection and check out the online store. www.imkjewelry.com Me and Charlotte in […]

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