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Bas-Fisher Invitational: Wow, We Have Come This Far, limited edition portfolio

The non-profit, artist-run gallery, The Bas-Fisher Invitational, located in Miami and where Javier Hernandez and I had a two-person show in 2006 called ‘Faster Sleeper,’ has just released its first limited edition portfolio of prints by 12 artists, including me.

Below is my two-color silkscreen print.  There are many crazy awesome different prints in this portfolio.  Contact the gallery to see more.

“Untitled (iPhone)” 2009


From the BFI website:

The first BFI portfolio celebrates the five year anniversary of the BFI.  It includes prints by twelve past artists, keeping the edition size small at 15 with 12 artist proofs. All of the proceeds of this benefit will go towards matching the

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The non-profit Miami-based gallery, The Bas-Fisher Invitational celebrated its 5-year anniversary last night with a benefit and unveiled a limited edition portfolio called ‘Wow We Have Come This Far’ of

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It’s been a while since I updated the site but things are still going on: After a long break I’m finally finishing my second album “To Be Good for a Day”, still eventually coming out on RiYL Records. I will put up an mp3 as soon as possible. I sing on the song “November” on […]

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Sorry for the absense of updates. I have the flu so now I actually have time to update the site. I have added photo sections for several recent events to the photo section including the two trips I took to Miami for my art exhibition. Music: The producer for my upcoming album, Peter Toh, has […]

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Check out this website for the press release for my painting show in Miami on January 14, 2006. Bas Fisher Invitational Gallery

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That picture I put up the other day is me after the 8th grade play. So very soon will be the release of the first issue of my zine The U.E.S. Journal. I will put more information up when it is done. Also, I will be in a two-person art show with Javier Hernandez in […]

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