Pearl Harbor

was a band I played bass in. We played shows around 1999-2001. Sadly, we never finished our recordings.

Pearl Harbor Rebecca and Walter
Pearl Harbor at Brownies, New York, NY
(opening for Ted Leo which was/is a HUGE DEAL for me)

Pearl Harbor as characters from The Wizard of Oz on Halloween at The Charleston Williamsburg Brooklyn
Pearl Harbor, Halloween show at The Charleston, Brooklyn, NY
Masayoshi Nakamura, Walter Schreifels, Rebecca Schiffman, Ryan Stratton.

Pearl Harbor at Brownies
at Some Records CMJ showcase at North Six, Brooklyn, NY

Pearl Harbor in Brooklyn
Pearl Harbor in Brooklyn, NY

Ryan Stratton Pearl Harbor

Rebecca Pearl Harbor

Rebecca Schiffman playing bass in Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor at the Some Records office, 1999.  Photo by Dar M.

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